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Strength and endurance training:

Weightlifting, cardio hiit, calistehnic exercises, circuit training




Flexibility and mobility training; posture control


Pregnancy / rehabilitation workout

Sanya Pilates Ibiza


Choose between: barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, battle ropes, ankle weights, resistance bands, fitballs, softballs, pilates rings, TRX, abs rollers, sliders, slam balls, etc.

Personalized training

Your physical health, body condition and the particular anatomy will be taken into consideration throughout the class, just as your personal goals and individual dreams!


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Sanya Pilates Ibiza

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

About Sanya

My journey in the fitness world started in the rehabilitation context – due to serious and painful scoliosis at the age of nine I was prescribed re-education and rehabilitation therapy for my back.

Having witnessed as a child how pain can go away by using precise exercise patterns combined with precise breathing technique, when again severe seizures started in my adulthood I looked for the same methodology and similar approach


Pilates is a physical training method which inherently goes far beyond just being simple bodywork and strengthening of the muscles. It is a global body workout method that makes us change the whole perception we have of our own bodies.

Clients say:

Alessia Testa, physiotherapist

“Joseph Pilates said that patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor. And Sanya did put her patience, persistence and constant motivation in her daily Pilates practice, in her teaching methods, and in a way she is transmitting it. I had back pain due to my bad postures, but now, with Sanya and 2 classes a week, the pain is gone, my spine is much healthier, and I gained in vitality and core strength! Never again without Pilates!

Daniel Turner, entrepreneur

“I have started training with Sanya and have seen and felt improvements in my body very quickly. She has a positive, powerful and very expressive teaching technique; her energy alone will help give you the boost of motivation to go further and try harder! My core is now in much better shape!”

Tamsin Aguilera, English teacher

Sanya transforms my day when she comes to my home for a morning session. On a personal level I think she’s wonderful and on a professional level I can’t imagine anyone being so supportive, patient and motivating as she is. By the end of my sessions with her I go from barely reaching the floor when bending over with straight legs to almost getting my hands flat on the floor, it’s an incredible feeling!

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