About me

My journey in the fitness world started in the rehabilitation context – due to serious and painful scoliosis at the age of nine I was prescribed re-education and rehabilitation therapy for my back.

Having witnessed as a child how pain can go away by using precise exercise patterns combined with precise breathing technique, when again severe seizures started in my adulthood I looked for the same methodology and similar approach. And I found it in Pilates technique. One of the most thorough, extensive and detail-obsessed method through which you can rediscover your body, reencounter it’s strength and seal an alliance for the rest of your life.

Motivated by restless curiosity I started to take Pilates teacher courses, enabled me as a teacher, and subsequently started to specialize in classical Pilates technique.

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity!” Amelia Earhart

Sanya Pilates Ibiza

After years in the studio, a greater desire to treat and train people regardless of dogmas of the methodology used just became too prominent. Following as a teacher my own intuition and sound logic I decided to expand my modus operandi and embrace the only leitmotif a trainer should have – Will “this” help my client to advance? If yes, I go forward. If not, we modify!

Today my classes will have any element that is bringing you towards your goal – weightlifting, agility drills, calisthenic exercises, metabolic conditioning, posture control, mobility reassessment, controlled breathing patterns, plyometrics or meditation.

My approach is holistic – To change your body you have to change your mind! To have the body you are dreaming of, first you need to start to believe in your own dreams. Some things we build from the outside, but some must be looked for in the inside.

My real passion is lighting the path and push you through it!

Today I teach and provide private training around the island of Ibiza, for locals and tourists, in their homes or in different locations such as hotels, villas, agro-tourisms, yachts and retreats.