About Sanya

The reason for Sanya’s initiation and career in the Pilates method is similar to that of many other people – she had serious problems with her spine; scoliosis diagnosed as a child, accompanied by severe and prolonged pain. When she was nine years old she was prescribed re-education and rehabilitation therapy for her back. She started to practise controlled and re-educative exercises focusing on body alignment, straightening of the back, and even at that young age, working on the core. The first surprise – all sessions started with breathing exercises! 

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity!” Amelia Earhart

Through sports in the teenage years the problem seemed to disappear, but at the age of 23 the pain came back. In that time she was living in Italy, in Turin, and luckily met the physiotherapist who was treating the city’s football team, Juventus, and who had incorporated notions of Pilates into his work.

Instead of massages and hand manipulations on a comfortable massage bed, the session was done on the floor, on a mat, going through different exercises, with very precise and clear instructions. And again, it all started with breathing! Sanya still didn’t know that this was called Pilates, but she did know that it worked. She incorporated these new exercises and techniques into her daily routine; they became a daily dose of strength, well-being, and body readjustment.

Finally a few years later, this time in Spain, she had her first class with a highly certified Pilates teacher. She witnessed, with true delight and awe, that a Pilates class is the synthesis of concentration and precision, the unflagging but delicious search for the fluidity and flexibility of movement, a dance between control, discipline, drill, sweat, joy and deep inner work. The teacher had a profound understanding of the anatomy of movement and of its mechanics, of how the body could be totally and deeply challenged and provoked, but with no injuries whatsoever. And for Sanya an absolute and unconditional love for the method was born, right from the start.

Soon she would undertake her first Pilates teacher course and shortly afterwards she started to work as a teacher in the classical Pilates studio “La Sala” in Ibiza. Later on she studied at one of the most prestigious Pilates schools in Spain, the “MasterPilates”, and at the same time kept challenging her body and its resistance through functional trainings, both calisthenics and heavy weight training, in order to always have new limits to push herself through, and bigger challenges to stand up to!

Today Sanya enthusiastically teaches and provides private training around the island of Ibiza, for locals and tourists, in their homes or in different locations such as hotels, villas, agro-tourisms, yachts, and retreats.

Sanya is a very energetic and dynamic teacher, with lots of power which boosts her clients (she is Aries!). She likes her clients to finish the class with the feeling that they gave more than they really thought they could give, exceeding their own perception of their own limits, but hence, feeling more powerful, vigorous and energetic.